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Feb 22

Three Important Things to Remember about Omega-3 Fatty Acids

A Canadian study recently showed that omega-3 fatty acids reduce breast cancer tumour growth—they also reduce body-wide inflammation, which is both a symptom and a cause of many diseases. Check out the study here:

How can you make sure you’re getting enough? What food are richest in omega-3s? Here’s a 3-point guide:

Three Important Things to Remember about Omega-3s

  1. You can find highest amounts of omega-3s in fish and fish oil, especially oily fish like salmon, mackerel, herring, and sardines. Fish oil is available in supplement form, as either gel capsules or (often flavoured) liquid. Not all brands are created equally however: Ascenta and Genestra are two brands that follow strict distillation guidelines and provide high levels of the fatty acid in their products. The forms of omega-3s found in fish and fish oil are known as EPA and DHA and are very good at reducing inflammation.
  2. You can also find omega-3s in walnuts. This form of omega-3 is called ALA, which your body can convert to EPA and DHA, although the method isn’t as efficient at reducing inflammation as consuming straight EPA or DHA.
  3. Recommended dosage of omega-3 per day for a healthy adult is 2,000-3,000 units, equivalent to about 4 oz of cooked salmon. That’s a lot of fish! Supplements provide a simple solution: 2 capsules or one tsp. of the oil are typically all that’s needed per day to attain these levels.

Krill oil is a relatively new supplement that provides high levels of EPA and DHA, plus it’s absorbed more readily than fish oil and doesn’t have the “burp-back” effect that sometimes occurs with fish oil supplements. Ask for it at your local health food store!

A note about omega-6 fatty acid: omega-6 is another fatty acid that our body requires for proper health. Omega-6 is easily found in vegetable oils and so the typical Western diet is very high in omega-6. Unfortunately, you want to consume omega-3 and omega-6 in ratio with one another—too much omega-6 and inflammation increases.

Recent research has shown that it’s best to LIMIT consumption of vegetable oils and INCREASE consumption of fish or fish oil to correct this balance and make sure you’re getting the proper inflammation-reducing benefit of essential fatty acids.

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