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Feb 7

Easy, breezy cleansing: A basic 10-day detox

Cleanse, detox, whatever you may call it, once the days begin to get longer our winter-stagnant bodies seem to request a bit of assistance moving out the old to make way for the new. If you are in good health generally, but feel a little bogged down, fogged out, and low-energy, a quick & simple [...]

Mar 2

Liver and Lymph: Castor Oil Pack Detox

Castor oil’s a tricky thing. One component of the castor bean is undoubtedly poisonous if consumed, but the oil has been used for centuries internally and topically…topically it’s pretty amazing, which is why I’m stoked to include it as part of my Spring detox…here’s how you can too! In 1999 a study in the Journal [...]