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Feb 15

Sprout that! Sprouted things taste like spring

It’s cold out. It’s grey out. It doesn’t look like spring…but right now it tastes like spring! Tiny little green shoots that I grew in…wait for it…less than 48 hrs are making me feel like I’m eating my salad at a picnic table under a bright blue sky while wearing a dress and sandals.

Of course, it’s not all about taste. Sprouts are full of raw nutrients and chlorophyll and work well in so many dishes…stir fry, salad, penne primavera, hummus like you’ve never had it before. All you need are organic beans, legumes, or peas (dry, not canned! and they MUST be organic or they aren’t able to sprout [but that's another scary story...]), some water, a strainer/cheesecloth, and a bowl or jar.

Literally. That is all you need. And here’s how you do it:

  • Rinse and drain a cup of dried beans/legumes/peas of your choice
  • Fill bowl or jar with pure water
  • Allow to sit for 8 hrs covered or uncovered, at room temperature
  • Rinse and strain again
  • Allow to sit for 4-8 hrs
  • Rinse and transfer to fridge (these guys are good for about 5 days)

That’s it. Really. By that point you should have little tips of green sprouts appearing, which means it’s time to taste. Try a few and see how you like them—the taste will change slightly as the sprout gets longer. Repeat the rinse/let sit process every day until you’ve eaten all your sprouts (which, trust me, won’t take long).

A diet rich in antioxidants and chlorophyll promotes a low-level continuous detoxification process in your body, which means the more you eat the healthier you get. Want more tips on how to maximize the health benefits of food? Prevent and reverse disease through your diet? Contact me for a personalized Healthy Eating Plan at or visit this page: