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This blog illuminates the path to wellness via demystifying the latest nutritional breakthroughs, homemade skincare and tincture design, and simple and delicious recipes. Eat to thrive!

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  • Easy, breezy cleansing: A basic 10-day detox
    Cleanse, detox, whatever you may call it, once the days begin to get longer our winter-stagnant bodies seem to request a bit of assistance moving out the old to make way for the new. If you are in good health generally, but feel a little bogged down, fogged out, and low-energy, a quick & simple [...]
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  • 5-DAY MINI-DETOX Here I Come!
    I’m taking the opportunity, while vacationing in sunny Florida, to complete a MINI-DETOX to clear out some of the debris my system has accumulated over the holiday season. Nothin’ fancy – just the bare bones: Clean eating + yoga + minimal supplement support = new, energized, glowing ME! Want to follow along? “Like” my Authentic [...]
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  • Radiation protection: Eat it, drink it, bathe in it
    Much has been written lately about the impact of the radiation leaking from the Fukushima site in Japan. A series of spin and counter-spins, varied views, hyperbole, heavy-handed optimism, fear and anger, disbelief. Anyone who believes the radiation from Fukushima won’t reach us, or our children, that we are too far away, that things can’t [...]
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