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Feb 4

Antioxidant Warrior Dinner Recipe

Antioxidant Warrior Dinner Give your body the raw materials it needs to protect you while you sleep. This recipe is full of copper, zinc, and manganese … you’ll use these nutrients to create the mighty Superoxide Dismutase antioxidant!   You will need: 1 sweet potato 1 cup brown or wild rice 2-3 cremini mushrooms 2 [...]

Jan 30

Avocado Hair Mask: Kitchen DIY

As if you need another reason to love avocado. Check out this video of how to make a great all-natural avocado hair conditioner. Avocado oil has a useful pairing of properties: it is very nourishing and absorbs well into skin and hair. It also penetrates quite quickly and so provides deep moisturization. The flesh of [...]

Jan 28

Remember when Chia was just pets?

To the Aztec and Mayan peoples, the word ‘Chia’ meant strength—not surprisingly, this crop helped these civilizations survive. It is a sustainable crop with a high germination rate, which means its relatively easy to grow. These fortunate cultures figured this out and chia became an everyday kind of item. What I adore about Chia seeds [...]

Jan 27

Oils and GMO: GM-NO!

It’s become a bit of an invasive term these days: GMO. It seems to appear everywhere and it places it wasn’t found before: cooking shows, mainstream magazines, daily news broadcasts. What is a GMO as it pertains to food? Should it concern you? How can it influence a healthy diet? I just had to know…so [...]