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Feb 2


I’m taking the opportunity, while vacationing in sunny Florida, to complete a MINI-DETOX to clear out some of the debris my system has accumulated over the holiday season.

Nothin’ fancy – just the bare bones:

Clean eating + yoga + minimal supplement support = new, energized, glowing ME!

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Day ONE:

Good morning! (I hope? I hear there’s a lot of shoveling happening, back where I live…you guys who are shoveling and hiking through snow right now, GOOD JOB jump starting your metabolism and getting some cardio first thing! Don’t forget to eat breakfast!)

This morning I’m trying Progressive’s Vegessentials protein in my smoothie. It’s an extremely comprehensive protein powder, with all your vitamins and minerals, plus greens, fibre, and a host of digestive aids and healthy herbs.

While I’m cleansing, instead of forcing my liver to help me process a bunch of pills, I’m going the liquid route and adding tinctures pre- and post-smoothie!

A few drops of nettle tincture before I eat and a few drops of milk thistle/radish/artichoke tincture (Boldocynara, by A. Vogel) post-eating ensures my systems of elimination are actually eliminating. These are ESPECIALLY helpful before heavy meals.

Smoothie recipe this morning?

Coconut water + ground flax + Vegessestials protein pwd + 1 cup chopped romaine + 1 chopped kale leaf + 1/2 cup freshy squeezed orange juice = energy that goes for days!

Follow this breakfast with 5 minutes of deep breathing post-meals today and keep it light! Lots and lots of greens, clear soups, water and tea (especially herbal). Try a quick yoga session before bed to ensure you sleep a nice, deep healing sleep.

Cleanse day 1

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